Few of us have unlimited budgets for any aspect of our lives. How can we know what features in our new space will provide true value in terms of enjoyment or convenience? What you will use most can often be identified by the habits you currently have. Giving thought to how you will actually use each space in your home can help you decide where to put the majority of your budget.

Do you enjoy going out to a restaurant to eat most of your meals so that your new restaurant grade appliances will just gather dust, or will you be inspired to become a gourmet yourself? Should part of your budget include high-end cookware? Do you want to display or conceal kitchen items?

Do you delight in being among the first people to see a new movie at the cinema, or would that home theater you have dreamed of provide lasting joy? Do you prefer to relax with your tunes by yourself in a private space, or do you want to hear it from everywhere in the house while you do the cleaning?

Would that home office be the answer to simplifying your life or would you just feel isolated in there? For privacy, consider locating the office away from public areas of the house. For more connection, get close to the kitchen or family room.

Thinking along the lines of what our homes can add to our lifestyle and what is of little importance can be very liberating. Spending our money at home on whatever we will also devote most of our time to is probably money well spent, whether it is cutting edge innovation or old fashion relaxation.