Before anything takes place at the site, well developed systems and standards are needed to govern all aspects of the building process. A builder should be able to list several methods of quality control in place at the firm.

There are key elements indicating the standards in place at the building site during each stage of construction, including clearing of the lot and installing the foundation, but it is during the framing stage that a builder can really begin to point out quality features in a walk-through with the client. Good materials and tight tolerances are the rule. Bracing and fasteners abound. Experience tells us that stronger materials and bracing in particular spots in the structure are desirable to reduce movement. Wood is a natural material and is subject to movement by taking on and giving up moisture.

Good builders and their staffs welcome the opportunity to point out their systems and the little extras that yield quality results. If you are interested in building your first home, spend some time gaining an understanding of what quality looks like. It is knowledge that will serve you well over the course of owning what will probably be several homes in your lifetime.