Remember when you were looking for that perfect home to buy or thinking about building your dream home?  Did you identify certain rooms, or even just a space within a room, that would be just right for a favorite activity; be it reading, surfing the net, crafting, yoga, or watching nature through the window…whatever you like to do? 

Do you have that space now? Strategy…you can still carve out your space using the first steps involved in reshaping any space:  EDIT and REARRANGE.  Maybe you couldn’t find a spot for your favorite activity because all the spots are already taken up with, well, things.  Remove unneeded items to make space.  Before moving any big furniture, get a light-weight chair, perhaps from the breakfast or dining room, and move it to various places within the room to check out what a chair in that spot would feel like.  Check out the room from both seated and standing positions to get additional info on how it would feel to arrange the room differently. 

If these preliminary steps inspire you to more involved refurbishing—perhaps you need more light, sound control, or an entire addition–you can Contact Us for a complimentary consultation.  Plan, execute, and enjoy!