People who call Wilmington home, either as a primary residence or as a vacation retreat, know how blessed we are to have such a beautiful climate and be able to participate in outdoor activities year round.  When architects and clients design here, they will be incorporating outdoor living in the plan.  Decks, porches, and patios for eating and relaxing are automatic.

The transition between indoor space and outdoor areas can be designed to have the affect of extending the living space.   Windows and doors let in light and frame views of the landscape or scenery beyond.  One of the primary purposes of remodeling is to open up views.  Perhaps what could be wonderful sight lines to the exterior are obscured by small windows, or a feature such as a fireplace right in the middle of the view.  Maybe better access to decks or porches could be accomplished by relocating a door or adding one.  An outdoor cooking or eating area may need improved access from the kitchen.

The mix of sun and shade is a critical consideration in planning the location and design of outdoor spaces.  What direction does the planned feature face and how does the sun travel over that spot in different seasons?  What affect will a roof over that spot have on the light entering the adjacent interior?  Is the wind a factor in enclosing the space or leaving it open?  What materials are suitable for the expected elements and how long might they last?

If your home is missing an outdoor structure that would enhance your lifestyle, or it is time for an update, The Farlow Group can help.

Dream it.  Build it.  Live it.