Native Plants

We recommend that you consider native plants when planning or updating your landscape. In addition to increasing your chances of good results, natives tend to be non-invasive and helpful to pollinating insects. There are books and online resources available. Local nurseries are a great source of information if you prefer doing your own gardening. You can also hire local landscape services for help from planning to installation. Many have special training and experience and will be happy to discuss their credentials and offer references.

Life Style

At The Farlow Group we perform custom new home construction and renovations for clients who want to enhance their lives, and their style.

Grateful to Repeat Clients

At The Farlow Group we are so very grateful to our long time clients for your continued confidence in our services. All the best to you and yours in 2015 from our team.

Renovation Trends at The Farlow Group

We are seeing the demand for renovations increasing both among buyers of existing homes, and owners who want to update their current home. Those who purchase an existing home tend to designate all areas for updates, inside and out. Owners of current homes are revamping interiors with updates of kitchens and baths, refinishing or adding more wood floors, and painting. We are seeing homeowners select pot fillers, undercounter or apron sinks, versatile faucets, and sprays to go along with cook-friendly appliances in kitchens. Clients also seem to be benefitting from being able to research choices of fixtures and appliances online, streamlining the selection process when they arrive at the showroom. Online reviews are another tool for narrowing down choices for your home. We also make appointments for clients to visit showrooms so there will be an advisor available without waiting or having to make additional trips. Now is a great time to make upgrades to your lifestyle with renovations to your home. As we all know, to nest is best.

Kitchen before and after

The Farlow Group recently updated a U-Shaped Kitchen for a couple in the Belville community of Rice Hope.  Dennis and Beth liked their bead board cabinets, but wanted to improve storage by adding more cabinets to match, and a new pantry.  To enhance functionality, appliances were replaced and rearranged.  New granite tops and a bar for seating upgraded the look of the space.  Under counter LED lighting provides much needed task lighting, as well as adding a modern feel to the whole area.

Expensive Contractor

We had an interesting visit recently from a publisher who stopped by to invite us to advertise in a yearly publication distributed to hotels, offices, and other venues.  He was complimentary about the quality of the ads he has seen from us over the years, and asked what our results had been.  I had to inform him that our “image campaign”, as the process of advertising has been termed by a local professional, has mostly resulted in the interpretation of  our image as being that of an expensive contractor.  He laughed and said that he had assumed that we were quite expensive as well. We have discussed this dilemma among ourselves at various times and come to the conclusion that trying to cheapen our image is not realistic when we keep doing such a great job.  Kidding aside, our portion of the cost that results in those beautiful images is no more expensive than less detailed contractors charge.  We are neither cheap nor expensive.  We do what our clients ask and leave them feeling great about the results.  Your job will LOOK expensive–which is not a bad thing, right?  

Passive Design Home

On May 24, 2013, Jim Farlow and Tim Shellhammer of The Farlow Group attended a review of a passive energy designed home under construction in the Old Military Road area. The site seminar was sponsored by the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance and conducted by homeowner and contractor Lucien Ellison, and design consultant for the project, architect Kevin Pfirman. Also presenting information on the home’s precast concrete walls construction was subcontractor Joe Del Guercio of Ideal Building Systems. The passive design concept strives to reduce energy loss from thermal transfer and air infiltration by integrating all exterior components into a virtually air tight envelope. In the case of this home, that involves insulated concrete walls, triple paned insulated casement and awning windows, spray foam insulation, and a minimally sloped roof using structurally insulated panels without open attic space. Resulting R values are R-50 for the roof, R-35 for exterior walls and R-20 for the floor. In order to meet passive solar criteria, a structure has to be oriented within 15 degrees of due South to achieve ideal solar gain management over the seasons. Shading from extended roof overhangs minimizes summer heat gain in the 5700 square foot home. As a result of the synergy of design and components, the home can be heated and cooled when necessary with only a 2 ton unit. The home is presently dried in, with interior finishes due next. This will be a fun project to follow, including its performance over time.

New Design Build Services

The Farlow Group is excited to announce that we have further simplified our project development process for our clients by making available the use of a Professional Services Agreement. This document gives potential clients the option to work with our firm while their home construction or renovation project is being explored for design, specifications, and costs. We can then execute a contract for construction when our client is ready to proceed. This procedure reduces the personal time and energy that clients must put into exploring service providers and keeps homeowners and contractors focused on the same goals in a transparent framework.

  • The Farlow Group: New Site Launch

The Farlow Group: New Site Launch

We hired our own web artisans to design a brand new website that refreshes our commitment to providing high quality, custom built homes and renovations. Our mission remains the same: to work with each customer to understand your relationship with your home and your vision for the construction, then making that a reality with the best execution and quality possible. In addition to reorganizing our services in a current navigation style, the new site offers a fresh, comprehensive portfolio of our work. You can now view our custom home builds as well as our renovations in their own galleries, offering more detail than before both in photo quantity and descriptions of each photo. Our new website also offers, as you can tell by this post—a blog! By posting frequently, we’ll be able to keep you abreast of our current new home builds from start to finish, including smaller projects from bathroom remodels to historical kitchen restorations. We also hope to inform you of new architecture and landscaping trends, as well as projects we’re working on with invaluable partners like the National Association of Home Builders and the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance. We welcome any feedback you have about the new site, and we hope you enjoy viewing our projects and services in this new format. –The Farlow Team

  • The Gap

The Gap

Homeowners frequently consider the issue of cost versus quality when choosing cabinetry, countertops, and interior finishes. Also consider that skilled installers can make moderate selections look good, and high end selections look wow. The Gap might be a success as a clothing store, but we prefer it not be associated with your interior moldings. Skilled craftsmen hate gaps.