Landmark Apartment

Gustave Eiffel had a little known apartment at the top of his famous Eiffel Tower!  Link to article in Architectural Digest .

Enjoy Updates Now

Do you have items around your home and property that are in need of repair, or would need to be upgraded for potential buyers?  Have those items repaired or upgraded now and begin enjoying them yourself!  Who would you rather buy something new for, yourself or the next guy?

Permit Required

Making structural changes to your property, including a deck, requires a building permit.  Work performed without a permit is non-conforming.  That can affect the sale of your home, or even your ability to get insurance coverage.  Many homeowners insurance carriers now do site inspections to confirm various aspects of your property will meet their requirements. Also, to work as a general contractor on projects costing more than $30,000 in North Carolina, contractors must get a license from the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors, . To see what other trade and specialty contractors need licenses, visit .  If it is a licensed trade, their work will typically involve getting a permit.

Keystones Meeting in Houston

Jim Farlow attended the meeting of the NAHB Builder 20 group of which he is a member, the Keystones, in Houston the week of May 9 through 16, 2015.  The primary topic of discussion was concepts for maximizing financial management for home builders and remodelers.  The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) created Builder 20 Groups to increase awareness of challenges in the building industry and to have builders share successful strategies among colleagues in non-competing markets.  Groups are comprised of builders of similar size from separate geographic areas (non-competing) around the country.  Groups typically range in size of membership from 16 to 20 firms. The Builders 20 Group members function much like a Board of Directors would for larger firms.  Members pose questions over the internet to the group and then receive multiple, rapid recommendations from their colleagues, who are familiar with the firm.  Questions can be on any industry or business topic, and can be very specific, such as whether the firm is at the stage of being able to hire another key employee. The Houston meeting saw 4 new member firms join the Keystones group.  Torrential rains began in Texas that week, and various sections of Houston experienced what would turn out to be substantial flooding over a wide area.  As a host city, Houston was a pleasure to visit, even given the weather challenges.  All here at The Farlow Group wish rapid healing of hearts and mending of properties in the aftermath of the storms.

Home Security Essestials

Basic home security essentials include:  Confirm all doors AND windows are locked (upper floors too).  Set your alarm.  Use a separate code for any service personnel or sitters when allowing them access to your system.  Receive email alerts regarding access if that is a feature of your system.

Aging In Place

Sometimes people think of Aging-In-Place or Universal Design as elements that are not needed unless one has mobility issues.  But wider doorways,  wide hallways, good lighting, and bathroom wall bracing for grab bars, etc., are all elements for living well now, and into the future.  For a list of ideas to consider for your new home or remodeling project, visit and type “aging in place” into the search box.

Home Trends Fun

This blog is supposed to be about info our clients and other home lovers may find useful.  I admit to watching HGTV, looking at design magazines, and basically multiple sources to see what is trending, just for fun.  In preparing for today’s post, I Bing’d “home trends” and accepted the first link to a Zillow article.  The info was interesting, but the resulting comments were a riot–literally, I think it was a riot in words.  Every few posts, someone tried to return the conversation to civility, but as I stopped reading, and laughing, it was still “trending” negative and not at all homey, and yet I feel good.  Ah, the laughter drug.  Caron

Book Lovers Rejoice

For you book lovers who never have enough storage for your acquisitions, consider the plight of the library world itself.  In fact, here is an exciting dialogue on the plots developing now, .

Grill Safety

Wilmington has such a wonderful long season for backyard activities.  Just did an internet search for Grill Safety and lots of sites came up.  A good way to introduce the topic with the family may be to ask your kids to do a search for you and report back on what they find.

House as Story

At The Farlow Group, we understand that you are building the experience of how you want to live in your house. The narrative is unique to your life. Let us help you write your story of home.