Landmark Apartment

Gustave Eiffel had a little known apartment at the top of his famous Eiffel Tower!  Link to article in Architectural Digest .

Grill Safety

Wilmington has such a wonderful long season for backyard activities.  Just did an internet search for Grill Safety and lots of sites came up.  A good way to introduce the topic with the family may be to ask your kids to do a search for you and report back on what they find.

A Story of Home

Making a home is part of creating the story of our lives.  We hope to include joy and love, rest and fellowship, growth and inspiration. When we work on the design, we address the aspects of shelter and protection, size and maintenance–the physical attributes of the structure.  But designers spend most of their time asking questions about our hopes for how we will live in our space. When we are at a point of needing more from our home than just a base of operation, we want to own, design, and thrive in the creation.  We want to bring energy to our space, and draw energy from it.  We want to have a place of quiet, and a place or sharing.  We want to tell our story–the story of a life lived well–a story of home.


Home is a refuge for enjoying the gifts already given us by our heavenly Father.  Jesus, I can feel you anywhere, but especially at home.  Caron