• Remodel for an Astounding View

Remodel for an Astounding View

New upper level family room. Intricate build, but worth it!

New home underway on Figure Eight Island

Pilings went in this week for the new home we have underway for owners at Figure Eight Island. Had hoped to provide progress photos for this project, but are not permitted to do so by island management. Very grateful to all those who trust us with their home building and renovation dreams. This post conveys the warm feeling of gratitude in the heart, rather than a photo. Can you feel the glow? We hope so! Caron

HVAC Best Performance Requires Maintenance

Any time is a good time for preventive HVAC maintenance, but we tend to think of it when anticipating a change of seasons. Call your heating and cooling contractor for a check up. The Energy Star site has good maintenance tips too, visit http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=heat_cool.pr_hvac .

Keystones Meeting in Houston

Jim Farlow attended the meeting of the NAHB Builder 20 group of which he is a member, the Keystones, in Houston the week of May 9 through 16, 2015.  The primary topic of discussion was concepts for maximizing financial management for home builders and remodelers.  The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) created Builder 20 Groups to increase awareness of challenges in the building industry and to have builders share successful strategies among colleagues in non-competing markets.  Groups are comprised of builders of similar size from separate geographic areas (non-competing) around the country.  Groups typically range in size of membership from 16 to 20 firms. The Builders 20 Group members function much like a Board of Directors would for larger firms.  Members pose questions over the internet to the group and then receive multiple, rapid recommendations from their colleagues, who are familiar with the firm.  Questions can be on any industry or business topic, and can be very specific, such as whether the firm is at the stage of being able to hire another key employee. The Houston meeting saw 4 new member firms join the Keystones group.  Torrential rains began in Texas that week, and various sections of Houston experienced what would turn out to be substantial flooding over a wide area.  As a host city, Houston was a pleasure to visit, even given the weather challenges.  All here at The Farlow Group wish rapid healing of hearts and mending of properties in the aftermath of the storms.

Grill Safety

Wilmington has such a wonderful long season for backyard activities.  Just did an internet search for Grill Safety and lots of sites came up.  A good way to introduce the topic with the family may be to ask your kids to do a search for you and report back on what they find.

House as Story

At The Farlow Group, we understand that you are building the experience of how you want to live in your house. The narrative is unique to your life. Let us help you write your story of home.

Native Plants

We recommend that you consider native plants when planning or updating your landscape. In addition to increasing your chances of good results, natives tend to be non-invasive and helpful to pollinating insects. There are books and online resources available. Local nurseries are a great source of information if you prefer doing your own gardening. You can also hire local landscape services for help from planning to installation. Many have special training and experience and will be happy to discuss their credentials and offer references.

Life Style

At The Farlow Group we perform custom new home construction and renovations for clients who want to enhance their lives, and their style.

Grateful to Repeat Clients

At The Farlow Group we are so very grateful to our long time clients for your continued confidence in our services. All the best to you and yours in 2015 from our team.

Renovation Trends at The Farlow Group

We are seeing the demand for renovations increasing both among buyers of existing homes, and owners who want to update their current home. Those who purchase an existing home tend to designate all areas for updates, inside and out. Owners of current homes are revamping interiors with updates of kitchens and baths, refinishing or adding more wood floors, and painting. We are seeing homeowners select pot fillers, undercounter or apron sinks, versatile faucets, and sprays to go along with cook-friendly appliances in kitchens. Clients also seem to be benefitting from being able to research choices of fixtures and appliances online, streamlining the selection process when they arrive at the showroom. Online reviews are another tool for narrowing down choices for your home. We also make appointments for clients to visit showrooms so there will be an advisor available without waiting or having to make additional trips. Now is a great time to make upgrades to your lifestyle with renovations to your home. As we all know, to nest is best.