• Remodel for an Astounding View

Remodel for an Astounding View

New upper level family room. Intricate build, but worth it!

Gathering Place

We find that the single most common reason for a renovation is to make a larger or more updated space for the gathering of family and friends. How nice!

Enjoy Updates Now

Do you have items around your home and property that are in need of repair, or would need to be upgraded for potential buyers?  Have those items repaired or upgraded now and begin enjoying them yourself!  Who would you rather buy something new for, yourself or the next guy?

Home Security Essestials

Basic home security essentials include:  Confirm all doors AND windows are locked (upper floors too).  Set your alarm.  Use a separate code for any service personnel or sitters when allowing them access to your system.  Receive email alerts regarding access if that is a feature of your system.

Kitchen before and after

The Farlow Group recently updated a U-Shaped Kitchen for a couple in the Belville community of Rice Hope.  Dennis and Beth liked their bead board cabinets, but wanted to improve storage by adding more cabinets to match, and a new pantry.  To enhance functionality, appliances were replaced and rearranged.  New granite tops and a bar for seating upgraded the look of the space.  Under counter LED lighting provides much needed task lighting, as well as adding a modern feel to the whole area.


Remodeling is about adapting your home to meet the needs and desires of your current lifestyle.    If you are thinking about a remodeling project for your home, from a minor “facelift” to a major renovation, some preliminary planning will help you decide what to tackle and what to leave as is.  You may find it easier to plan your project by breaking the decision process into three broad categories:  logistics, budget, and resources.  LOGISTICS:  Logistics basically means choosing what to include in your project, and whether you will remain in your home while the work is underway, or stay somewhere else.  Knowing the scope of the project will certainly affect your decision about whether or not to remain at home.  Start by listing everything you want to get out of your new environment in terms of your lifestyle; such as better traffic flow, opening up views to the outside, or creating a get-away within your home.  From your lifestyle wish list, you will create a more specific list of “To Do’s”.  For instance, if you want to update your kitchen, will that involve changing the counter tops, cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures, moving walls, and so on?  Start with everything you want for a particular space, with the realization that you may have to proceed in phases according to your budget.   BUDGET:  Have a clear understanding of how much money you have available to spend.     Remember to include amounts in your budget for permits, installation, debris disposal, and a place to stay if you will not remain at home.  Depending on the extent of what you have in mind, you may also need the services of a design professional or a contractor.   A preliminary visit to […]