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Sometimes the simplest updates can take a feature from functional to fabulous…like adding a fish cleaning table and bench to your dock.    

Home Trends Fun

This blog is supposed to be about info our clients and other home lovers may find useful.  I admit to watching HGTV, looking at design magazines, and basically multiple sources to see what is trending, just for fun.  In preparing for today’s post, I Bing’d “home trends” and accepted the first link to a Zillow article.  The info was interesting, but the resulting comments were a riot–literally, I think it was a riot in words.  Every few posts, someone tried to return the conversation to civility, but as I stopped reading, and laughing, it was still “trending” negative and not at all homey, and yet I feel good.  Ah, the laughter drug.  Caron

Outdoor Retreat on the Intracoastal

This beautiful outdoor recreation area, designed by Wilmington architect Virginia C. Woodruff, faces the Intracoastal Waterway.  The cabinetry along the side features a concrete counter top and a custom made drop-in grill from Wilmington Grill.  The picnic table at the back of the pergola also has a concrete top.  The pergola and surrounding plantings provide afternoon shade.

Cabinet trend: more drawers

The past few years have seen a trend toward using more drawers in kitchen base cabinet designs, in place of doors. Drawers can be quite large when intended for sizeable items such as cookware. Interiors may be designed to hold items such as plates or other tableware, supplies, or groceries in various containers. Drawers make reaching items toward the back easier than bending down to access cabinet shelves. Contents can be viewed more easily as well. Costs for drawers are higher than open space with doors because of the extra labor, materials and hardware needed, but many cooks and their helpers consider the convenience to be worthwhile. The photo is of a kitchen at Figure Eight Island designed by Wilmington architect Virginia C. Woodruff.

Kitchen Bar with a View

  This open concept kitchen designed by Wilmington architect Michael Moorefield  http://www.michaelmoorefield.com/ has a circular bistro counter for eating or socializing.  Chairs can face the cook or the amazing water view.

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Wrap Around Porch

This beautiful outdoor haven was designed by Wilmington architect Linda Tuttle, http://www.lindatuttle.com/ , for a couple who have lived in their home on Masonboro Sound for many years.  The wrap around porches enable the homeowners to enjoy the vegetation and views surrounding their home, and to share the setting with family and friends.

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