• Dock Spot

Dock Spot

Sometimes the simplest updates can take a feature from functional to fabulous…like adding a fish cleaning table and bench to your dock.    

Aging In Place

Sometimes people think of Aging-In-Place or Universal Design as elements that are not needed unless one has mobility issues.  But wider doorways,  wide hallways, good lighting, and bathroom wall bracing for grab bars, etc., are all elements for living well now, and into the future.  For a list of ideas to consider for your new home or remodeling project, visit http://www.nahb.org/ and type “aging in place” into the search box.

Book Lovers Rejoice

For you book lovers who never have enough storage for your acquisitions, consider the plight of the library world itself.  In fact, here is an exciting dialogue on the plots developing now, http://www.bkskarch.com/lab/four-brilliant-ideas-about-libraries/ .

Native Plants

We recommend that you consider native plants when planning or updating your landscape. In addition to increasing your chances of good results, natives tend to be non-invasive and helpful to pollinating insects. There are books and online resources available. Local nurseries are a great source of information if you prefer doing your own gardening. You can also hire local landscape services for help from planning to installation. Many have special training and experience and will be happy to discuss their credentials and offer references.

Outdoor Lifestyle in Wilmington

People who call Wilmington home, either as a primary residence or as a vacation retreat, know how blessed we are to have such a beautiful climate and be able to participate in outdoor activities year round.  When architects and clients design here, they will be incorporating outdoor living in the plan.  Decks, porches, and patios for eating and relaxing are automatic. The transition between indoor space and outdoor areas can be designed to have the affect of extending the living space.   Windows and doors let in light and frame views of the landscape or scenery beyond.  One of the primary purposes of remodeling is to open up views.  Perhaps what could be wonderful sight lines to the exterior are obscured by small windows, or a feature such as a fireplace right in the middle of the view.  Maybe better access to decks or porches could be accomplished by relocating a door or adding one.  An outdoor cooking or eating area may need improved access from the kitchen. The mix of sun and shade is a critical consideration in planning the location and design of outdoor spaces.  What direction does the planned feature face and how does the sun travel over that spot in different seasons?  What affect will a roof over that spot have on the light entering the adjacent interior?  Is the wind a factor in enclosing the space or leaving it open?  What materials are suitable for the expected elements and how long might they last? If your home is missing an outdoor structure that would enhance your lifestyle, or it is time for an update, The Farlow Group can help. Dream it.  Build it.  Live it.

Aging In Place and Parental Care

In these times of sluggish home sales, and rising costs of assisted living facilities, homeowners are often opting to stay longer in their current home or to have parents move in with them.  Families who elect these options will often need some remodeling to bring their homes up-to-date for current interests, or to achieve mobility-friendly changes or enhance privacy.  In addition to addressing how rooms are configured and what materials to include, design changes can necessitate updates to heating and cooling equipment or other systems.  Remodeling costs may be somewhat offset by potential energy savings over time with newer appliances or equipment, and by installing water saving appliances and fixtures.  Remember to count the value to your lifestyle in savings of time and convenience with better functioning designs and features!  The vast number of choices in materials and fixtures at every price point mean that you will certainly find options that suit your budget and tastes with a little research, and help from your contractor and design professionals.   If this will be your first experience with remodeling, be sure to read our blog post “Remodeling Basics” for pointers on how to plan and execute a project.  Then, contact us, to get started on this new adventure of living in your home sweet home!

Historical Home Styles and Architectural Terms

As a home builder in Wilmington, North Carolina, we have constructed many styles of homes.  While doing research online concerning exterior elements of a classical revival home, we came across a website that we thought you may enjoy.  The website http://www.ontarioarchitecture.com/ has excellent photos and descriptions of architectural styles from many periods.  There is also a wonderful glossary of building terms relating to architectural elements.  The Ontario Architecture site was created by an associate of the building and construction department of Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; however, many of the photos look like they could easily have been taken here in the Wilmington area!

Porch Perfect

                 The Farlow Group recently completed this water side porch enclosure with glass doors that open completely by sliding to stack on the sides.  The clients love it so much that we are now enclosing their ground level porch as well.  The sliders control how much breeze enters without blocking the views. Baseboard heat makes the space comfortable in winter too.          

Relaxation Zones

Remember when you were looking for that perfect home to buy or thinking about building your dream home?  Did you identify certain rooms, or even just a space within a room, that would be just right for a favorite activity; be it reading, surfing the net, crafting, yoga, or watching nature through the window…whatever you like to do?  Do you have that space now? Strategy…you can still carve out your space using the first steps involved in reshaping any space:  EDIT and REARRANGE.  Maybe you couldn’t find a spot for your favorite activity because all the spots are already taken up with, well, things.  Remove unneeded items to make space.  Before moving any big furniture, get a light-weight chair, perhaps from the breakfast or dining room, and move it to various places within the room to check out what a chair in that spot would feel like.  Check out the room from both seated and standing positions to get additional info on how it would feel to arrange the room differently.  If these preliminary steps inspire you to more involved refurbishing—perhaps you need more light, sound control, or an entire addition–you can Contact Us for a complimentary consultation.  Plan, execute, and enjoy!