Artisan Homes

Unyielding Attention To Detail

A house is more than a shelter; it’s a part of how you interface with the world. Your living environment makes a statement to the world about your tastes and priorities. It has a profound impact on your mood, your health, and your general enjoyment of life.

If you desire fine craftsmanship, you require a builder who intricately understands the art and application of architecture, as well as the fundamentals of interior and landscape design.  Through active listening and creative problem-solving, The Farlow Group can orchestrate the entire process, coordinating all parties to ensure proper execution and the highest level of integrity.

A great benefit of the internet age to The Farlow Group and our clients is the ability to work closely together when your primary residence is outside of our area. With email and digital photos, we keep you updated on progress and details no matter where you live.

And because we see a home as more than the sum of its materials, we are very flexible and accommodating about modifications during the construction process. We are delighted to help you in exploring the options, with the goal of hearing you say: “This is exactly what I wanted.”