In these times of sluggish home sales, and rising costs of assisted living facilities, homeowners are often opting to stay longer in their current home or to have parents move in with them.  Families who elect these options will often need some remodeling to bring their homes up-to-date for current interests, or to achieve mobility-friendly changes or enhance privacy. 

In addition to addressing how rooms are configured and what materials to include, design changes can necessitate updates to heating and cooling equipment or other systems.  Remodeling costs may be somewhat offset by potential energy savings over time with newer appliances or equipment, and by installing water saving appliances and fixtures.  Remember to count the value to your lifestyle in savings of time and convenience with better functioning designs and features! 

The vast number of choices in materials and fixtures at every price point mean that you will certainly find options that suit your budget and tastes with a little research, and help from your contractor and design professionals.   If this will be your first experience with remodeling, be sure to read our blog post “Remodeling Basics” for pointers on how to plan and execute a project.  Then, contact us, to get started on this new adventure of living in your home sweet home!