The Farlow Group holds an unlimited building license issued by the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors.

We may legally build a project of any size, both commercial and residential. But if you know anything about us, you know our passion is your home. Potential clients wanting to verify the license status of a building contractor may visit www.nclbgc.org to confirm the builder is licensed and who within the firm is the qualifier for the contracting license. 

The Farlow Group is a member of the National Association of Home Builders, and the NAHB local chapter, the Wilmington Cape Fear Home Builders Association www.wcfhba.com.

The Farlow Group is a Lead Renovation certified firm with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public Health. This is an important license when working with renovations that may contain coatings that were applied prior to 1978 (lead based paint). You can visit http://epi.publichealth.nc.gov/lead/lhmp.html to learn more about the regulations for detecting lead or to confirm whether the renovator you are considering is licensed to perform work on homes that may contain lead based paint.

The Farlow Group is proud to be affiliated with the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance, a group of professionals in building-related trades who share a common concern for the environment and pursue knowledge of low impact building methods. Incorporating sustainable products and practices into a home is an important philosophy for many of our clients.

The Farlow Group is also a member of the Cape Fear Builders Guild  http://www.capefearbuildersguild.com. This group of local builders has joined together to leverage the purchasing power that may otherwise only be afforded to much larger organizations.  Participating vendors and subcontractors work with guild members to help keep costs in check in the volatile market for building commodities.

Our Certifications

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