About Us

At The Farlow Group, we construct Artisan Built Homes. The artisan concept certainly means utmost attention to details, those you can see as well as those that will be concealed within walls. But in the case of The Farlow Group, it also means tuning in to what clients want and respecting the concerns that clients have about the building process.

In our many years of building beautiful homes from the heart of downtown to the beaches, we have been blessed with repeat business from many clients and architects—which is the ultimate compliment, as well as a demonstration of trust in the building relationship.

We know that you have the need to find a builder who understands and accomplishes your goals for your home construction or renovation, but who also recognizes that you are buying more than sticks and bricks, and your investment is precious. Homeowners are seeking to build their very lives into their home. You want to savor quiet, personal time at home, but also share your home, your lives, with family and friends. The stakes are high and they matter in so many ways. At The Farlow Group, we will work with you to create the space you want to live in and share.