Home Trends Fun

This blog is supposed to be about info our clients and other home lovers may find useful.  I admit to watching HGTV, looking at design magazines, and basically multiple sources to see what is trending, just for fun.  In preparing for today’s post, I Bing’d “home trends” and accepted the first link to a Zillow article.  The info was interesting, but the resulting comments were a riot–literally, I think it was a riot in words.  Every few posts, someone tried to return the conversation to civility, but as I stopped reading, and laughing, it was still “trending” negative and not at all homey, and yet I feel good.  Ah, the laughter drug.  Caron

Book Lovers Rejoice

For you book lovers who never have enough storage for your acquisitions, consider the plight of the library world itself.  In fact, here is an exciting dialogue on the plots developing now, http://www.bkskarch.com/lab/four-brilliant-ideas-about-libraries/ .

Grill Safety

Wilmington has such a wonderful long season for backyard activities.  Just did an internet search for Grill Safety and lots of sites came up.  A good way to introduce the topic with the family may be to ask your kids to do a search for you and report back on what they find.

House as Story

At The Farlow Group, we understand that you are building the experience of how you want to live in your house. The narrative is unique to your life. Let us help you write your story of home.