We had an interesting visit recently from a publisher who stopped by to invite us to advertise in a yearly publication distributed to hotels, offices, and other venues.  He was complimentary about the quality of the ads he has seen from us over the years, and asked what our results had been.  I had to inform him that our “image campaign”, as the process of advertising has been termed by a local professional, has mostly resulted in the interpretation of  our image as being that of an expensive contractor.  He laughed and said that he had assumed that we were quite expensive as well. We have discussed this dilemma among ourselves at various times and come to the conclusion that trying to cheapen our image is not realistic when we keep doing such a great job.  Kidding aside, our portion of the cost that results in those beautiful images is no more expensive than less detailed contractors charge.  We are neither cheap nor expensive.  We do what our clients ask and leave them feeling great about the results.  Your job will LOOK expensive–which is not a bad thing, right?