We hired our own web artisans to design a brand new website that refreshes our commitment to providing high quality, custom built homes and renovations. Our mission remains the same: to work with each customer to understand your relationship with your home and your vision for the construction, then making that a reality with the best execution and quality possible. In addition to reorganizing our services in a current navigation style, the new site offers a fresh, comprehensive portfolio of our work. You can now view our custom home builds as well as our renovations in their own galleries, offering more detail than before both in photo quantity and descriptions of each photo. Our new website also offers, as you can tell by this post—a blog! By posting frequently, we’ll be able to keep you abreast of our current new home builds from start to finish, including smaller projects from bathroom remodels to historical kitchen restorations. We also hope to inform you of new architecture and landscaping trends, as well as projects we’re working on with invaluable partners like the National Association of Home Builders and the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance. We welcome any feedback you have about the new site, and we hope you enjoy viewing our projects and services in this new format. –The Farlow Team