Kitchen Bar with a View

  This open concept kitchen designed by Wilmington architect Michael Moorefield has a circular bistro counter for eating or socializing.  Chairs can face the cook or the amazing water view.

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Wrap Around Porch

This beautiful outdoor haven was designed by Wilmington architect Linda Tuttle, , for a couple who have lived in their home on Masonboro Sound for many years.  The wrap around porches enable the homeowners to enjoy the vegetation and views surrounding their home, and to share the setting with family and friends.

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Home Technology Considerations

There was a recent television show about the newest generation of our aircraft carriers. There is empty space on the bridge for the future installation of new technologies that are under development, or even yet to be envisioned. Given the way every millimeter is typically planned for on a vessel, one can see how the concept of ever-innovative technologies is expected to be critical to the function of the ship, and must therefore be incorporated in the design. Planning for changes in home technology can be equally difficult to anticipate in designing our spaces for longevity. In the 1980’s, installing phone outlets in every room was considered wise. In the 1990’s, extra electrical outlets were added under cabinets and along countertops to accommodate an explosion of plug-in electronics and appliances. In the 2000’s things started moving so fast that electronics were again concentrated in family areas and media rooms, with bedrooms receiving less focus. Currently, wireless and portable rule the waves for electronics and our devices of 10 years ago are already collector junk. The current interest in remote viewing and management of lighting, temperature, and security in homes still involves wiring for devices themselves, with control available via the internet using a computer or smart phone. We have also become accustomed to expecting that our systems will need to be upgraded in just a few years time. Home builders have to keep up with evolving technologies, and there are many subcontractors providing quality design and installation services. As with any service vendor, it is important to research the qualifications of firms you are considering to perform work in your home. This is especially true if your project is small and you work with vendors directly, […]

Target Your Budget Dollars

Few of us have unlimited budgets for any aspect of our lives. How can we know what features in our new space will provide true value in terms of enjoyment or convenience? What you will use most can often be identified by the habits you currently have. Giving thought to how you will actually use each space in your home can help you decide where to put the majority of your budget. Do you enjoy going out to a restaurant to eat most of your meals so that your new restaurant grade appliances will just gather dust, or will you be inspired to become a gourmet yourself? Should part of your budget include high-end cookware? Do you want to display or conceal kitchen items? Do you delight in being among the first people to see a new movie at the cinema, or would that home theater you have dreamed of provide lasting joy? Do you prefer to relax with your tunes by yourself in a private space, or do you want to hear it from everywhere in the house while you do the cleaning? Would that home office be the answer to simplifying your life or would you just feel isolated in there? For privacy, consider locating the office away from public areas of the house. For more connection, get close to the kitchen or family room. Thinking along the lines of what our homes can add to our lifestyle and what is of little importance can be very liberating. Spending our money at home on whatever we will also devote most of our time to is probably money well spent, whether it is cutting edge innovation or old fashion relaxation.