INTEGRITY.  Clients need to know that their builder possesses integrity in his business relationship with them, with trade partners, with regulators, and with finances.  Builders build homes to make a profit, an essential element in maintaining a business, but also for the creative reward they feel from making a really good product and having clients speak well of them.   A good contract document that balances the responsibilities of both parties helps to clarify understanding, but a document cannot impose integrity. There will be challenges to overcome with any custom design.  Bringing together thousands of components assembled by dozens, or even hundreds, of craftsmen in a one-of-a-kind setting will present some obstacles.    A good builder is constantly refining techniques and systems to improve his process not only because it improves his referrals, but because he enjoys doing business that way…with integrity.   A good businessman wants to know when his clients have concerns so he can help them find solutions.  Good communication happens much more easily in a climate of trust. The Farlow Group has been blessed with many clients who call on us for multiple projects.  We consider their continued patronage and referrals to be the highest form of compliment.  As the testimonials on our website convey, clients value their ability to trust in our relationship as much as they do the enjoyment of their homes.  To us, integrity is an essential component in building homes.