Porch Perfect

                 The Farlow Group recently completed this water side porch enclosure with glass doors that open completely by sliding to stack on the sides.  The clients love it so much that we are now enclosing their ground level porch as well.  The sliders control how much breeze enters without blocking the views. Baseboard heat makes the space comfortable in winter too.          

Relaxation Zones

Remember when you were looking for that perfect home to buy or thinking about building your dream home?  Did you identify certain rooms, or even just a space within a room, that would be just right for a favorite activity; be it reading, surfing the net, crafting, yoga, or watching nature through the window…whatever you like to do?  Do you have that space now? Strategy…you can still carve out your space using the first steps involved in reshaping any space:  EDIT and REARRANGE.  Maybe you couldn’t find a spot for your favorite activity because all the spots are already taken up with, well, things.  Remove unneeded items to make space.  Before moving any big furniture, get a light-weight chair, perhaps from the breakfast or dining room, and move it to various places within the room to check out what a chair in that spot would feel like.  Check out the room from both seated and standing positions to get additional info on how it would feel to arrange the room differently.  If these preliminary steps inspire you to more involved refurbishing—perhaps you need more light, sound control, or an entire addition–you can Contact Us for a complimentary consultation.  Plan, execute, and enjoy!

A Network of Friends is For More Than Just Facebook

The business of being a general contractor is, basically, bringing the needed resources to a project at the time they are needed.  Obviously there are thousands of details that go along with what happens both before and after the issues of what and when.  Who, how, and why being among them. So where does a contractor committed to excellence turn for resources to enhance his skills and improve his knowledge and methods to benefit his clients?  Professional organizations are a great source of knowledge, and an opportunity to connect with colleagues to draw on their experiences as well. At The Farlow Group, we belong to a local buying cooperative, Cape Fear Builders Guild http://www.capefearbuildersguild.com , to enable us to obtain collective pricing from selected vendors.  The concept began as a way to allow a group of contractors to function as independent businesses, but achieve the attractive pricing options from suppliers that might otherwise be reserved only for large tract builders.  That concept has certainly been beneficial, but along the way, the group members have also become friends and developed an appreciation for one another as colleagues with common problems and interests.  At the national level, Jim Farlow is a member of the National Association of Home Builders program known as Builder 20 Groups.  Membership in the Builder 20 program joins builders from around the country together in groups of up to 20, to share any information that will enable the members to improve their businesses.  Groups can also function like a board of directors to solve problems by one member posing a question to the group and opening a discussion.  Because members of each group are from non-competing markets (different states or geographic areas), information […]